Akasha Productions weaves the elements together to transform visions from the initial spark of inspiration into a manifest reality.


Akasha is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning ether or quintessence, from which the elements of earth, air, fire, and water are all created. Akasha Productions takes inspiration from a single creative moment and weaves elements together to make visions live and breathe. In curating and producing events, our main purpose is to create spaces and experiences that ignite a spark in the people who experience them, facilitating a greater alignment with purpose and better harmony with the earth and one another.

Akasha Productions collaborates and co-creates with incredible thought leaders and visionary creatives, breaking new ground together, redefining what is possible when we gather together to celebrate, learn, evolve, share, dance and play. We love and believe in what we do, and this is why we do it.


Jenna is an investigator and explorer, both in the physical world and in the spiritual realms. Her quest for knowledge manifested in a Bachelors degree in Social Anthropology from Cambridge University, UK (2004), and a Masters degree in International Relations and Conflict Management from Johns Hopkins SAIS University, USA (2007). Through her studies and professional work in the fields of politics and international development she has gained a fundamental understanding of world economic, political, legal and social systems. These experiences combined with extensive worldwide travel and immersion in different cultures has led to her role as an Event Director and Creative Producer.

Jenna’s mission is to understand how we can work together to create positive change for humanity and the earth through empowerment, communication and the creation of community. She is motivated by creating immersive events focused around food, wellbeing and consciousness that empower festivalgoers as collaborators. She believes in the power of festivals and gatherings to initiate real change and now has over thirteen years of experience in the international events field. 

In 2017 Jenna directed a 5-day festival - Ancient Futures - held in Bali, as well as working on production roles for Being Gathering (Portugal), and The Feast Collective at Camp Bestival and Bestival (UK). Jenna produced a number of projects in 2018 including a series of three street food night markets in Bristol and The British Dal Festival. The focus of her work in 2018 was directing and producing the first Amorevore Food Festival in Ibiza, Spain (October). 

In 2019 Jenna worked as the Production Manager for the Wisdom Keeper project at Glastonbury festival (June) as well as taking on the General Manager position for a new festival in the UK taking place in 2020 called Medicine. She is also honoured to have been appointed as Creative Producer leading on food and wellbeing for a major 4 month project in 2021 called RE:Wild with the EdenLAB.

Read an interview with Jenna here about the Amorevore Food Festival.

Listen to an interview with Jenna here from the Visionary Lifestyle podcast about sewing the seeds for a new earth (number 42 on the podcasts). 


  • Project management

  • Business strategy

  • Creation and implementation of sustainability policies

  • Crew management (site, production and volunteers)

  • Content curation (talks and workshops)

  • Music promotion and booking

  • Budgeting and accounts

  • Health and Safety legislation

  • Licensing and Event Safety Management Plans

  • Personal Licence holder

  • Site infrastructure and services procurement (power, water, structures etc.)

  • Contractor liaison and management

  • Operations administration

  • Client, sponsor and partner liaison and management

  • Copy writing and editing

  • Research and concept development

  • Restaurant and bar production and management

  • Brand promotion and social media

  • Trader /concessions liaison and management

  • Trader markets production and management

  • POC for authorities (police/security, councils, health and safety etc.)

  • Company and charity administration and registration