Food matters. It brings community together. It sustains life. It connects humanity across borders. It is at the heart of our relationship with our planet, our family and ourselves. It is a window to the world. It is true love.

Amorevore is a family-friendly food and consciousness festival in Ibiza that puts food culture at its heart. Pronounced Am-ore-e-vore, the word is our concoction, but means someone who only eats food made with love.

The aim is to educate and entertain guests through a delicious and cutting edge food programme. Amorevore is guided by sustainable principles, and creates a positive legacy for Ibiza by engaging the food community on the island year round.

Amorevore is Jenna's creative baby - a project that took three years to realise and now the seeds have been sewn deeply in the ground with the first edition of the festival which took place in October 2018. Food is her greatest passion, and she believes that all the critical issues facing our times can be discussed through eating and sharing it and conversing over the wide subjects it encompasses.