“Wisdom Keepers are the guardians of the ancient knowledge of the roots of the Planet, those who maintain the balance of the energy of Mother Earth by making offerings and keeping contact and communication going with the sacred elements for the continuation of life on this planet. They are like heroes for humanity, and are helping us all remember where we come from.” Oscar Raiz de la Tierra.

The Wisdom Keeper project began in 2015 with a gathering, then called Reigniting the Ancient Ways, in Berkshire, UK. A group of Elders and initiates from around the world came together for a weekend of wisdom sharing, ceremony and prayer. We welcomed Dogon Elders from Burkino Faso, Huicholes from Mexico and Originie wisdom keepers from Australia in what was the first time these indigenous groups have ever come together despite sharing a similar Cosmovision and connection to land and spirit. 

This gathering sparked the formalisation of this concept into the Wisdom Keeper Project, a global initiative that provides a platform for elders and leaders from indigenous communities around the world to share their wisdom with others, and to collectively vision a more conscious, peaceful, and sustainable world. Wisdom Keepers facilitates spontaneous and profound shifts by enabling global audiences to appreciate and understand traditional wisdom ways as holistic and comprehensive cosmologies, philosophies and world views with immediate and relevant application in their own lives and societies.

Jenna has been involved as a key facilitator and Production Coordinator from the project's inception. In 2016 the Wisdom Keeper project was invited to Boom festival in Portugal, where wisdom keepers from 12 tribes across the world came together to offer ceremony, talks, and offerings. As a result of her role at Boom Jenna was invited to be an Ambassador for the Being festival in 2017 in Portugal and now works for this special gatehring.  

Images courtesy of Philip Volkers - http://www.philipvolkers.com